Cup cozy or cozy cups


Winter is coming. It is getting colder each day and the nights are longer every day. Time to drink a nice hot drink. If your preference is coffee, tea or hot chocolade or any other hot drink. It brings warmth to your inner person. One of the body parts that not enjoy the warmth of the cup are your fingers.


The joy of burning your fingers while drinking your favorite hot drink is not something to looking for. If you are lucky you find napkins to put around the cup or they have cardboards to put around.

If they don’t have the both of them you can start juggling around the cup in hope to keep your fingers burn free.



We have an answer for your problem, The Cup Cozy. The Cup Cozy keeps your fingers warm and not burned. Your hot drink stays longer warm and it is environmental friendly.
Who doesn’t like this win/win situation?

Order your cup cozy now in our shop we have them in different colors.


Don’t find your color, don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized order. We love to help you!


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