TBT markets

Throw back Thursday, it’s all about markets! Markets are an awesome way to communicate with your customers, find new ideas and grow a connection with fellow Etsy Sellers.

As organizer I learn every market new things ways to better organize the markets. It is always a new challenge, but one I love to make it to a good end.

You will find us again in Ghent in our favorite church these upcoming dates:

  • Saturday, may 19th, 2018: from 11.00h until 19.00h
  • Sunday, may 20th, 2018: from 10.00h until 18.00h
  • Monday, may 21st, 2018: from 10.00h until 18.00h

We will bring some new items to the market, so certainly say hi!

Everyone is free to join us on our page or follow the Facebook page of Etsy Team Gent.

Kind regards,

De Pauw Tania

PS: don’t forget to visit our Etsy Shop! Link “here”

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