I’m born in the beautiful city of Gent.It is a mediaval city with an old castle in the middle of town and a lot of beautiful old buildings.
I have currently 3 cats, who I adore: “Billy, The Time Cat”, “Amy Pond The Cat Who waited” and “Fientje, Miss grumpiness”
Being crafty is something I had in me from young age. Resulting in glueing items on my moms table or getting paint on spots hard to clean. The creativity stayed and I got better with glue and paint.

I see myself as a mixed media artist. I love to work to with all kind of materials and technics. Learning something new is important for me. What I love to make most?

  • Pixel art
  • Crochet Items
  • Button art

I’m also fascinated by colors: “vibrant, soft, dark,…” It inspires me to bring them together in new projects.

My customers are important to me. My items are traveling the world when I send them out, so they are an impression of me. I want it to be the best impression of my passions and my talent.  I always appreciate to hear feedback from my customers, this will help to improve my product or will give me new inspirations.

If you have a custom request feel free to contact me: info@tcashop.be

All my items are made in a pet friendly environment. My cats are my family and they come with me when I’m crafting, so sometimes a hair can sneak into your package. See it as an extra gift to you from a feline friend. (We double or triple check and crochet items are always washed before shipping)